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Christmas Ornaments


We are roots of the same tree. I have no explanation for why we have had to go through so much adversity, but in the face of hardship, we have each other. We have a heart that burns, showing us the path in the dark.


Camila Feliciano Aviles 

Política de tienda

Packaging and Shipping

  • The packaging is made of cardboard and paper, to avoid the consumption of plastic. 

  • Orders will be processed within 3 - 5 days and shipped within 7 - 10 days from the day of purchase. 

  • We will send you the tracking number via email as soon as the package is shipped. 

  • Orders will be shipped from Puerto Rico.


  • All your information is completely confidential.

  • Address and personal data will be handled only by me. 


  • Each ornament is unique, made with love and great effort to brighten up your Christmas. 

  • It is an ideal gift for your friends, family, and yourself. This Christmas, add a beautiful symbol of our island to your Christmas tree. 

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